About Us

The Queens of the Castro is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was founded in 2010 by three drag queens in order to raise awareness about the differences between gender and sexuality in high schools and universities. In particular, we work closely with LGBTQ youth by organizing and implementing LGBT awareness assemblies in various high schools across the state of California with hopes to expand throughout the country. To date, we have hosted four assemblies at Mission High School, which has reached over 1500 students and faculty members, and encouraged other schools like Washington High and O’Connell High to do the same. While the shows are entertaining with student and teacher dances and fashion shows, there are also deeply transformative and educational elements–coming out stories and skits that highlight moments in LGBTQ history–that shatter gender expectations for young and adult minds alike, and ultimately create safer learning environments for all students. For example, in just four years, Mission went from a school with meager safety ratings for LGBTQ youth to one of the safest in all of California, as measured by a student health and safety survey.

In addition to LGBT Assemblies, we also raise money to award scholarships to LGBTQ high school seniors who wish to pursue any post-secondary opportunity of their choice–college, vocational school, entrepreneurship–as long as they have clearly articulated goals and passions and a clear commitment to creating a safer space in their respective schools. To date, we have awarded over $2o,000 in scholarships to students across California.


Meet the Directors:

Founder: Darla Gayle


Founder: Jenna Talia


Founder: Honda Hybrid


Director: Vanity Ytinav


Director: Grace Towers


Director: Lotus

Director: Kylie Minono


Admin Assistant:  Billy Hernandez